12 Nov Photos

Here's a selection of new photos that just arrived today from Hans:



Banner exchange at the Rotary meeting in Salamanca




Interesting name for a sandwich.







Writing in his journal at the end of the day.


Miliario.  I Googled this word, but the description was in Spanish.  It appears to mean a cylindrical column of stone.  Duh.

Hans emailed me the following:  The word comes from the Latin ¨mille¨ meaning 1000. The stones are markers that the Romans put along their roads to indicate distance. Not sure if it was 1000 steps for their soldiers or some other measure. I saw lots of these while I was walking in Extramadura  and Castille y Leon. They were all numbered consecutively and in some cases you can still read the numbers in Latin  after 2000 years.





View of Zamora as Hans is approaching the outskirts of the city.

Another view of Zamora along the Rio Esla

Distance marker at left.

below:  Rio Esla valley