29 October update

Wednesday, October 29 Update


No, it's not a picture of Hans.  Yet.  But he writes:

Conditions are unseasonably cold and windy. Minus 3 when I started this morning with a biting head wind. TV is reporting snowfall in the passes which I will be going through in the next few days.


I am in Mombuey with 289 km to go. Have been trying to get into our email, ¨walktobeatpolio¨without success because the rural system here is so slow.

Here is a brief update.

Since Zamora have walked 127 km over 4 days.

Am expecting rain and possibly snow over the next few days.

Health is OK although I am getting run down. Legs, feet etc. are sore. Hopefully will get to Ourense over the next 6-7 days where I will likely take a rest day to recuperate after climbing the two upcoming passes. Don´t expect to have internet over the next week. Lucky to find this slow rural system in this little village.