30 October

"Camino Blanco de Santiago"


Day 25 (October 30) was a 38 km walk from Mombuey to Puebla de Sanabria where for the first time I actually thought about quitting or at least trying to get a ride.

Everything seemed to be conspiring against me.

For the fourth day in a row I was faced with bitterly cold conditions....freezing temperatures and a headwind of 20-30 kph. It was cloudy and dark and periodically the rain would come down. If I had not been able to buy a pair of gloves in Calzadilla de la Tera the previous day I would have had to turn around. I really donīt have the clothing to handle these conditions. Everyone I meet talks about the unseasonably cold conditions (muy frios) and in fact in one of the bars I was watching the news and they were interviewing some peregrinos who were walking over one of the pases in about 15 cm of snow. The headline was "Camino Blanco de Santiago".

In addition I must have eaten something that disagreed with me  and my left leg was really sore. I finally had to take a packet of ibuprofen. Had to take it dry and then wash it down with cold water...not nice stuff.

Lastly I decided not to have breakfast and coffee until Cernadilla about 8 km from the start where my guidebook indicated that there was a bar. The bar was no longer in operation and I had to walk another 9 km (about 2 hours) before I finally found somewhere to warm up. 
Other than that it was a great day for a walk...beautiful scenery, forests and fields and fall foliage.  In any case I prevailed and now I know that I will make it no matter what gets thrown at me.