31 October

October 31 Day 26


Im in the tiny village of Lubian where you have to be a mountain goat to be a resident! The village is hemmed in by mountains on all sides and most of the ridges are filled with wind turbines. As you might guess the highest point of the village is where the "ayutanmiento" (city hall) is located and where they have internet service.

Just what I needed, another climb.

I completed my walk over the first pass of the Via de la Plata and arrived here at about 3:40 this afternoon. It took me about 7 hours to walk here and I pretty much walked straight through other than a 15 minute stop for coffee and a bocadillo at about the halfway point.

And yes, it snowed for about an hour at the highest point. So now I have experienced pretty much everything.....heat, cold, wind, rain, snow, hail, thunder, lightning....not much left.

So after 26 days I have completed 783 km with 224 km to go. Steps are at about 929 thousand. I should be in Ourense in about 4 days where I will take a rest day. Tentatively I should arrive in Santiago de Compostela on November 9 or possibly 10.