5 November

The rest stop here has given me the opportunity to wash my clothes and make some repairs. I have not had an opportunity wash my long pants with the removable legs  since I left Salamanca almost two weeks ago.  It was too cold to walk around in my shorts while the pants dried so I kept deferring washing them until yesterday. After 6 washings I managed to remove most of the grime and dirt only to discover that the seam in the butt was unravelling. Out came the needle and thread and I fixed it this morning.  Bart, the Belgian who is recovering from the flu took pictures to prove my expertise as a tailor.

Ed: Since I don't have the picture taken by Bart, I substituted this one from the 'net.

The next four days (and final days) of walking will be a piece of cake.  

Itís a bit warmer now that I am over the passes so I donít have to worry about dealing with the cold. The only thing that can create a problem is rain and frankly that wonít be a problem. I have learned a lot about walking this time. Lessons that will serve me well should I do some more.

Just came back from the thermal baths which are about a 2km walk from the albergue. It was fabulous.

Three hot pools starting at 41C and getting progressively colder as water flows from one to the next. There is also a cold pool. The water has some minerals in it but it is clear with a slight but not unpleasant sulfurous  smell.  For 6Ä,  I got a towel , a badly fitting bathing suit and the right to use the facility for 90 minutes. An hour was more  than enough and I felt great afterwards.  I should have gone last nigh. There was a bar attached to the  spa where I had some tapas, a small bocadillo and two beers for 2.70Ä. What a bargain.

By the river just below the spa where I was, there is another thermal area also with three pools and of course there is no charge.  I suppose I could have used it but without a bathing suit.....

Spain changed back to standard time on the same weekend as North America so thereís still an 8 hour difference between here and there.  It actually helped as it made it light one hour earlier although that did not improve the weather.

Today Ė November 5, for a change itís sunny and pleasantly warm,  maybe 20C here at the moment at 16:15. Apparently this weather should continue for the next few days.  Next I will be complaining that it is too hot!!!!


Editorís note:   Several people have told me that they are following Hansí trip not only on the web, but also on a map next to the computer.  They check each day as they read about the latest distance travelled.  We even got a note from a fellow pilgrim who lives near Durban, South Africa, and who is following Hansí trip on the web.