How To Pledge



A.      Email us at:  with the following information:

a.       Name

b.      Mailing address

c.       Daytime phone number

d.       Amount Pledged and in what currency

If you are a Rotarian also include the following:

e.      Rotary Club

f.       Your ID number. You can find this on the cover of your magazine,  The Rotarian, or get it from your club secretary

g.       Club Number

h.      District

B.      We will contact you by email to confirm your address and pledge amount.  We will also contact you at the completion of the Walk to Beat Polio if you have not made your donation.

DONATIONS by cheque:

1.      Make cheques payable to:  Rotary Foundation or Rotary Foundation (Canada) if you are Canadian.  Put Walk to Beat Polio in the memo line.

2.       Mail your cheque to:

The Walk to Beat Polio

c/o Hans Wiesner

RR 2

Lacombe, Alberta T4L 2N2


3.      We will attach your cheque to a completed Rotary Global Contribution Form, using the above information, and submit it to the appropriate TRF office which will send you a tax receipt for all amounts of $20 or more if you make your cheque payable as above.

4.       Any questions?  Email us at

DONATIONS by credit card.  You have two options:

1.      Call Hans or Lolita Wiesner at 403-342-6999 with your credit card information and the information in PLEDGE A (above).  We will complete the Rotary Contribution Form and submit it to the appropriate TRF office, which will send you a tax receipt for all amounts of $20 or more.

2.       Complete the Global Contribution Form yourself and submit it to either the Canadian or American office of The Rotary Foundation which will issue you a tax receipt.  You can download the form at  However, we would ask that you please email us at and advise us of the amount of your donation so that we can add it to the total pledged to the Walk to Beat Polio.  Thank you!


All donations are eligible for Paul Harris credits.