Misc Musings Nov 9

This has been pretty hard trip but something happened today which puts it into perspective.

At the mass a couple about our ages sat down beside me. They obviously were peregrinos.  In fact, I thought that they might be Canadians because they had hats that looked just like mine. We struck up a conversation and they were from Holland.

"Where did you start your Camino", I asked anxiously wanting to tell them that I had started in Sevilla.

"Holland" she replied.

"No, No where did you start......"

"Holland" she reiterated.   They had started in Holland and they had arrived the previous day after having walked 3000 km. They had had 14 continuous days of rain. They were not walking back.

Today (November 9) it is about 10 C here and drizzling. Intermittently it turns into heavier rain. About what it has been for most of the last 9 days in Galicia.

I have a cheap hotel with a bathroom with a shower down the hall. I donīt want to have a soak because of the cold.  Am coughing a fair amount and have a bit of a headache. Will probably head back to the hotel after this, take some drugs and go to sleep.  Need to wash the legs on my pants so that they will dry overnight so that I will look reasonably civil if I go the Rotary meeting (at a very swanky 5 star hotel) tomorrow. The legs are full of mud from the last four days of walking in mud.