October 21 news

Look for additional photos in Update October 16, and in Earlier Updates.

Hans mailed an SD card with 110 photos covering the first 8 days of his walk, so I'm posting a few on this page and I'll scatter a few through the earlier pages.   On his backpack you can see the Rotary emblem in the middle, just below the Canadian flag.  The shell is the symbol of the Camino.  In the early days of the Camino walks, pilgrims would prove that they had completed the walk by bringing home one of the many scallop shells found on the beach at Finisterre. 


This post with the red box at its base is not far from Fuente  de Cantos (131 km from the start).  The red box contains pencil and paper where you can record details and encouiragement for other pilgrims.












One of the nicer looking Albergues where Hans as able to stay after the deluge of rain and hail that pelted him non-stop on Day 6.  After a hot shower, clean clothes and a nice place to stay, the day looked a lot better.


The threatening black sky just before the clouds dumped their load on Hans.

The flooded railway underpass that Hans had to ford.  He stumbled and nearly fell face first (you know your center of gravity is somewhat askew when you're carrying an extra 30 pounds on your back).  Luckily, his walking stick, pictured in the first photo on this page, saved him.